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It's Time for...
the Annual Request for Commitments to Volunteer!

The safety, cost–effectiveness and camaraderie of our events really depend on our wonderful volunteer staff. Without your experienced eyes, your selfless donation of time and your friendly smiles, QPEE would not be able to host the opportunities for learning and competition to the St. Louis and surrounding equestrian public.

If you would like your "regular" post, you've got it!! If you would like to learn something new or different, we're here to help you do that! For those of you who are unable to compete this year and would still like to be a part of the action, we welcome your help. Even an hour of your time makes a big difference for us! To enlist your services, please contact us.

If you would like a description of the different volunteer roles, please visit Rocking Horse Stables' website and read their excellent explanations!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance. There really are no words to express how much your volunteerism is appreciated!


How can QPEE thank you enough? Without the help of this hard–working, hard–playing family, QPEE would not be able to offer the Most Wonderful events! Mike, Donna, Christy and Karen all pitch in for every single event that QPEE sponsors, and always with a grin. It is with extreme happiness that the Board of QPEE bestows upon this family the Volunteer(s) of the Year Award! To recognize this powerful family force of volunteers, we will be naming a cross–country jump to their family. Next time you see of these fine members at an event at Queeny Park, be sure to thank them; without vital support from volunteers like them, we would just not be able to offer all the fun horse activities to St. Louis!!

QPEE Needs YOU !

QPEE really needs your help to make all of our 2008 scheduled events happen! Horsey and non−horsey people are needed to help out in various volunteer positions, at every event. Even an hour of your time at one of our events will help make it more successful! Please contact QPEE for more information.

Volunteer for QPEE

QPEE has been putting on events in the park for 28 years and we would like to thank YOU the riders, volunteers, and supporters of QPEE for making the first 25 years possible.

They say the people behind the scenes are the ones that make an event happen. Over 100 volunteers make our horse trials possible every year, not to mention the Hunter Paces, Schooling Days and the Mini Events. QPEE is always looking for volunteers for events and positions before and after the events. We need people with all kinds of talent! Young or old, male or female − anyone who loves to spend a day in the park can help QPEE!

If you would like a description of the different volunteer roles, please visit Rocking Horse Stables' website and read their excellent explanations!

If you have some time and would like to help, please contact us!


To offset the cost of building and maintenance, QPEE has space available at several of our jumps and other locations along the trail for sponsorship advertising. For a donation to QPEE you can 'buy' an existing jump or you can sponsor the construction of a new or replacement jump. Click here for a list of all our wonderful sponsors!

QPEE would like to thank Bobcat of St. Louis for helping QPEE by providing equipment needed to put on the Mini Event and QP Horse Trials. Without this kind of sponsorship we could not put on these events. If you would like more information on Bobcat of St. Louis, please visit www.bobcatofstl.com.

If you would like to sponsor QPEE or a QPEE event, send us an email.

QPEE Membership

If you have some time and would like to become a member of the QPEE organization, contact us.